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Zelie Dember-Slack

His Will & Rainbow Enterprises
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About One Hot Joint
Marvin, a popular, high school senior and drug dealer, is intoxicated by the flirtatious body language and smile of Jackie, a beautiful virgin.   Her goal, getting a playful high.  His goal, taking her virginity by fourth period.   Darnell, Marvin’s best friend, learns of his plan to sleep with Jackie and tries to persuade him to do the right thing, but the temptation is too great for Marvin to resist.  To ensure success, Marvin laces Jackie’s joint with a few aphrodisiacs, but the results are far from sexy.  Jackie experiences unusual side effects from the weed and runs onto the football field, high.  Horrified, Marvin bails and realizes his dangerous reign of drugs, quick sex and fast money may destroy his future.

Special Thanks To
Drs. Camille and Bill Cosby
Oprah Winfrey
Debbie Allen
The Guy Hanks & Marvin Miller Screenwriting Program
    at the University of Southern California
Larry Auerbach
Doreene Hamilton
Reptile Island
The Straub Distribution Company
Momentum Dance Studio
The Dember Family
Gisela & Kenny Meier
Cathy Lozano
Moira Adams
The Placentia-Linda School District
El Dorado High School.
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