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Other film projects from Zelie Dember-Slack include Making The Rent, I am the Man!!! and Skin.  Currently, Dember-Slack is working diligently toward finding Investors to bring her Award-Winning feature length screenplays to life: Dexter’s Destiny and The Sweetest Heir.

Short Films

Making The Rent is a comedy about Dexter Williams, 24, who quits his job impulsively in order to search for a better, more fulfilling career. As a result of poor planning, Dexter falls on hard times and must resort to making some fast cash. His buddy Keith offers him a few options: posing nude for an art class, digging a ditch, and finally, polishing up some furniture for two seemingly harmless church-going ladies. After a quick getaway, Dexter gathers the money to pay his rent.

Making The Rent is a ten-page excerpt from Zelie Dember-Slack’s award winning script Dexter’s Destiny, which was developed in the 2002 Guy Hanks & Marvin Miller Screenwriting Program, sponsored by Drs. Camille and Bill Cosby at USC. Dexter’s Destiny won the 2003 Hollywood Black Film Festival Storyteller Competition.

Making The Rent Screenings:
- 2004 Hollywood Black Film Festival
- 2004 Pan African Film Festival
- 2005 Cine Noir Film Festival

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The short film I Am the MAN!!! revolves around a young couple trying to conceive a child. Lester and Marilyn Carter love each other, but with the pressure they are putting on themselves to conceive, something has to give. Lester feels that this is the month, but when he learns that Marilyn is still not pregnant, his world crashes in. He has tried prayers, books, yoga—you name it, and still no luck. Desperate, he swallows his pride and calls his best friend Mark for advice.

Mark agrees to help, and he and Lester huddle. The key, according to Mark, is rhythm. Lester, embarrassed, tries to understand. When he doesn’t, Mark leads him into the “rump shaker” dance. Slowly Lester starts to get it, and his confidence soars. He practically throws Mark out of the house, because he knows he is ready to be “the man”!

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Skin, a short horror film, was written and directed by Lisa Bolekaja, also a 2002 Cosby Fellow from The Guy Hanks & Marvin Miller Screenwriting Program. Zelie Dember-Slack worked as the First Assistant Director and Executive Producer on Skin. Skin is the story of three children who are trying to find out who is killing some of the local neighborhood children. A few of the adults whisper about different myths. Some say it’s a Soucouyant, a woman who sheds her skin and then flies through the night to suck the blood of children in order to survive. Others say it’s La Llorona, a woman who killed herself and her children when her husband threatened to leave her for another woman. Unsure of who to believe, the three children turn to their aunt, a native of Trinidad, to ask her opinion. And before dawn, one by one, they discover which myth is true!

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Award-Winning Screenplays (Screenplays Available Upon Request)
Dexter’s Destiny is a feature-length family comedy screenplay about the trials and tribulations of pursuing your dreams. When Dexter abruptly reaches the glass ceiling at his corporate real estate job, he quits, in search of a better life. As he ventures out on his own, he experiences many zany mishaps, as well as the harsh realities that come from pursuing the American dream while trying to please quirky in-laws, friends, and your own heart. Dexter’s Destiny received the 2003 Hollywood Black Film Festival Storyteller Award.

The Sweetest Heir is a feature-length screenplay about a little girl who collects and restores old jewelry boxes. While restoring one, she discovers a seal and a deed for an unclaimed estate worth $450 million. With Christmas just two weeks away, the girl’s family must battle Ms. Stone, the late Ms. Winthorp’s maid, to claim it. The Sweetest Heir reached the semi-finals of the 2002 Hollywood Black Film Festival's Storyteller competition and reached the finals of the 2002 Guy Hanks & Marvin Miller Screenwriting Competition.

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